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The Return of the Rights of the Achenese People
A human rights researcher (Lisa Misol): Giving more support to an unreformed military that retains its independent money-making ventures will not make Indonesians safer, and could make the U.S. complicit in future abuses. Before the Bush Administration provides assistance to the Indonesian military, it should demand to see evidence of real reform.
March 16, 2006, opinion —— Every initiative respecting the values of peace must be supported by all parties in the conflict that express a wish to see the community live in peace. All people promoting peace and democracy must be supported continuously in all parts of the world, each on their own terms.


By Tarmizi Age



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'Today, the Achenese community are content with the peace and hope that it will be persistent. A good beginning to this persistence is development in the the areas of peace.'








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The a commission painting of Ambassador Andrew Young; is now hung at the main lobby of Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University, Atlanta.












'Violence and death cause a hate that are not easily calmed, but peace and the fulfillment of the victim’s rights and the rights of all of society can give the people a new perspective in life.'








he agreement that was signed by the Indonesian government and GAM is a great example of how peace can put an end to a war, but also a sign of a hesitant beginning of something new: a new way of harnessing the peace. The Achenese community hope that the peace, that is now promoted so excitedly, will give rise to an all-embracing social change.
The pioneers of the implementation of a peace are all people who yearn to experience a peaceful life. Today, the Achenese community are content with the peace and hope that it will be persistent. A good beginning to this persistence is development in the the areas of peace. I think, that the Indonesian community as well want to build a lasting peace to be competitive on a global market in every way. Today, a lot of attention is drawn to the panel forming the RUU-PA (The planning of the constitution of the Achenese Government). I think, that this is a good chance for Jakarta to make some significant changes for the Achenese community.

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Being attentive to the wishes of the Achenese does not necessarily mean the loss of strength for Indonesia, but on the contrary it can be a foundation of new confidence and of peace.
The great struggle for peace in Acheh has been ended very well with the praise and respect of the whole world. Why should Indonesia betray this trust and respect by rejecting the wish of the Achenese people that is funded in the agreement between the two parties? We all have to realize that every decision that can progress society can benefit us all. Leaders who use the people to their own benefit is not a good thing, I think, but to give something to the people can be a great strength for a leader.
Concerning the RUU-PA that is discussed at the moment, I think, that we all should support it if we actually want to see Acheh move to a higher level of progress, simply because it is a demand of the Achenese people in a broad sense. Why should a minor matter be made into an obstacle and a new problem, so that we end up fighting about the unimportant things?

A lot of work has already been carried out by Indonesia in achieving the peace with GAM and a lot of work still has to be done in implementing this peace. Will we be praised for the failure of RUU-PA?  I do not think so! But from the benefit of the broad society there will grow a strength. Why only ask for something in the name of the people when their support is needed? Why not give the people what they want? In my opinion this can very well be done by Jakarta because the members of the RUU-PA panel are people who are promoting peace and democracy and therefore I think, that the discussion will move along smoothly and with a successful outcome. Actually, I think that this is the hope of all the involved parties. If there are anyone who are still hesitant towards the peace-process out of fear of a strong Achenese community this is not a real threat, only bad dreams.

Violence and death cause a hate that are not easily calmed, but peace and the fulfillment of the victim’s rights and the rights of all of society can give the people a new perspective in life. Today the world moves towards the formation of justice and solidarity for building the communities that are left behind by poverty and conflicts. This development must proceed without hindrances with a free space for building a striving for progress itself. Individuals who can benefit from destruction and conflict will suffer losses in times of peace. Therefore, we must all be aware who are concerned about conflict and who are concerned about peace?

Education is one way to social development and all parties surely realize that peace is a prerequisite to continued education? As long as Humanity has been living in groups, the benefit of the group have been given top priority and today we should live by the same principle.

The Achenese could very well be the pioneers of peace and prosperity themselves and build up a standard in every part of society, that can is competitive with the rest of the world. Clearly the development must benefit all parts of society and it can be found through peace. The elites of Indonesia and Acheh must strive to ensure the peace by returning the rights to the people. Give the people their rights back and permit the community’s own will. Consider what happened during the war. What is the result of the war? After laying down the arms in the conflict we all witness the losses that exceed human apprehension. Apart from deaths: destruction, poverty, lack of education, violence and sorrow in all of the society. We may ask ourselves: why are some people interested in taking advantage of the community like this?
Implementing peace is an extensive task, that must be carried out by everyone together. We must not allow the the heartbreaking tragedies to be repeated. How very sad it is living in a nation where conflict has become the basic stock of life.

We should not settle for a little improvement of the situation when we are still lacking behind in every way, but we must learn from the example of other people to move towards prosperity ourselves.

Once again, I hope that all parties in Acheh and Indonesia as well as internationally will continue to support the implementation of the peace and the fulfillment of the rights of the Achenese people.


For more information on this press release, please contact Tarmizi Age; KMPD (Peace and Democracy Monitoring Committee)
European Representative; Hand phone +45 24897172; E-mail mukarramkmpd@yahoo.com



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