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Acheh Tsunami Relief Funds

by: Kuta Radja
Category: Acheh Tsunami
Date: 01/04/05

Receiving Account: Public Bank, Kp Baru Branch - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Account: Kuta Radja No. 3982109702 - SWIFT CODE: PBBE MYKL. Checks should be crossed and made to: Kuta Radja Enterprise. (Printable flyers)



Dear Donors, Philanthropists, Friends,

e have today completed the process of registering an organism called "Kuta Radja", and opened a bank account as stated above, for the purpose of receiving your donations for the Acheh tsunami victims. The format of this organism is still as an enterprise because it is not possible under Malaysian law for non-citizens to form an association, while the format of "Yayasan" (institution) will take 3 months to complete, a process which we have already started.

We are 3 Achenese living under the status of permanent residence in Malaysia who are taking full responsibility for the maintenance and running of this account and the accountability of your donations. All transactions will be transparent and the account is open for verification by any interested donor. We shall issue statements regularly and distribute them through our mailing lists and also have them published in websites willing to do so. We have also informed the Malaysian police about this matter and pledged to use the collected funds for the sole purpose of helping the victims of the 26 December 2004 earthquake/tsunami disaster that has taken more than 80 000 Achenese lives out of a population of 4.2 millions and flattened much of the country.

While it is evident that there is already an overwhelmingly generous aid coming from all over the world, we do still feel the need to create this account because there is an acute need to help overcome the problem of access to remote areas experienced by other NGOs and even by foreign governments’ aid agencies. It is an open reality that most of the foreign donations are still piling up at Indonesian ports and airports, prevented from being delivered to Acheh by the Indonesian authorities due to what is claimed as "security reason". Even when this blockade should be lifted eventually, we believe there would always be left-out pockets that we could serve.

We are thus appealing to you to include our organization in your consideration for donations. We are a Kuala Lumpur based individuals supported by Achenese community leaders in Malaysia. Before the tsunami disaster our activities were concentrated in helping the "undocumented" Achenese in this country who were facing deportation.

Thanking you for the help you have given, are giving and shall give to the suffering Achenese, We remain, dear donors, philanthropists and friends,

Most sincerely yours,



Teungku Azharuddin Ismail

Basry Yusuf



Reg.: SA0003678-H

57- TK 2, Lorong Raja Bot

50300 Kuala Lumpur


Tel.: +6012. 393 1402

Email: (provisory)

Receiving Account: Public Bank, Kp Baru Branch – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Account: Kuta Radja No. 3982109702 - SWIFT CODE: PBBE MYKL


Printable flyers







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