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Note: The painting of Ambassador Andrew Young. The painting is now hung at the main lobby of Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University, Atlanta

Days after Tsunami and Peace Negotiation Appeal

Author: SEGERA members
Category: Acheh Tsunami
Date: 01/13/05


16 days after Tsunami, 16 traditional markets have already operated as in Lambaro, Ketapang and Ulee Kareng. The goods are very limited. However most of the people can’t afford to buy their daily goods since the price is sharply risen.

he burial process of the death people along The main street around Masjid Raya(central mosque located on the capital of Acheh) are completed. However, people still work to clean the ruined and the mud. It takes a long process to clean the area since the lack of the devices. Only half of 450 devices provided by the government are working.

Road to Ule Lhe, Kajo still cover by the death body, ruins and mud. The apparatus who work to evacuate the death victim has not significantly worked.

Thousands of people from the countryside have moved to capital city of Acheh. It is driven by the food and water supplies shortage.

Indonesian Military Forces (TNI) evacuation team has joined with civilian’s team. The only things distinguished the team is military equipped with M -16 and SS1 weapon. Furthermore, they deny the safety procedure by ignoring to use the musk and safety task.

The small numbers of marines join the evacuation team of civilians

The Mobile Brigade (An army unit) did nothing but watching over evacuation process.

Most of the site are guarded by Indonesian armed forces (TNI) equipped with their uniform and armed.

President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (Famously known as SBY) on January 9 , 2005 has announced the peace process and armiticide , but so far there is no further concreate action.


This is joint statement issued on January 10, 2005 by People’s Solidarity Movement for Acheh (SEGERA) and Front of Democratic Struggle of Acheh People.


The intention of Indonesian President of Susilo Bambang Yudoyono’s to open peace negotiation and to end arm conflict should be appreciated by all Indonesian people. It positive signal supposed to be welcomed by Free Acheh Movement (GAM).

Although it action is late compare to the Srilanka government‘s action to Tamil group, However, it is appropriate thing to do. It will crete positive atmosphere to humanitarian assistance and reconstruction process.

We urge both party - Indonesian government and Free Acheh Movement to put priority to the humanitarian work, recovering and reconstruction. The ongoing political debate of option to freedom or special autonomy should be restrained. All parties must agree to indefinite armistice and to end as (any form of) military operation. It will open wider opportunity to national or international humanitarian assistance.

Historically, every peace negotiation find the death end. It was the consequences of excluding Acheh civil society from peace negotiation. Therefore, the negotiation must involve of civilians element, student, political organization and political figure. It is also significant to involve United Nation. The Previous negotiations fail since there is no neutral element that owns the authority to give a sanction to one who violates the negotiation. The involvement of UN will be significant to observe the implementation of negotiation results.

Today Acheh people must deal with psychological traumatic, therefore ambition of each parties to win it’s political proposal should be restrain. Recovering trauma, Rebuilding damaged-infrastructure, and reconstruction of Acheh should be the first priority of the peace negotiation.

To pave the way of peace negotiation, military operation has to be transformed into humanitarian operation. In the humanitarian operation in the form of civil mission, military must leave their weapon. The weapon will only bring trauma and fear to People of Acheh.

To begin peace negotiation government must release all political Free Acheh Movement’s political prisoners.

Therefore, SEGERA and FPDRA state the following;

  1. Urging the Free Acheh Movement (GAM) to openly welcomes Indonesian government’s peace proposal.

  2. Peace negotiation requires armistide, transforming the Indonesian Military’s War function to the humanitarian or civil mission.

  3. Both party must involve all political spectrum in Acheh; Students, political organization, religious leader, community figure into the negotiation

  4. Both party must involve United Nation as a neutral and authorize party to give a sanction to one who violate negotiation.

  5. After the negotiation process, all involving element must work together to build Acheh in reconstruction and democratic process.

This statement is made in one intention to build boarder solidarity to rebuild Acheh democratically and justly.

Jakarta 10 Januari 2005; People’s solidarity movement for Acheh; Democratic Struggle front for Acheh People; Arie Arianto, Coordinator of SEGERA; Thamrin Ananda, Spokeperson of FPDRA.




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