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Note: The painting of Ambassador Andrew Young. The painting is now hung at the main lobby of Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University, Atlanta

Field Report: Troops killed one 6 year old child, 7 civilians and 5 GAM members

Author: Agencies
Category: Acheh Tsunami
Date: 01/16/05



12 January 2005: 12,30:


t Alue Itam, Sungo Raya, Peureulak, Abdullah Wahab, 38, rubber tapper, was severely beaten up by TNI's R-200 troops based at the Alue Itam operational post.



14 January 2005:

- At Uteuen Dama (damar resin trees jungle), Peureulak, East Acheh,  the villagers are ordered to report to the military post when they entered the jungle to tap the resin. The Meunasah (Village prayer house) is occupied by TNI troops who brought in prostitutes. The commander of the TNI Company occupying this village, First Lt. Marlianus ordered the Geutjhik (village head) to collect 20 chickens a week as well woods for cooking for his troops.


- At Blang Rambong,  Bandar Alam, many civilians have been forced to pay operational money to the TNI troops under the command of Capt. Arifti Herianto 5 million to 10 million Rupiah. Known to have paid the extortion: Razali ben Puteh, 48, Sofyan ben Kasem, 38,  Nasron ben Husen, Jamil ben Ahmad, 32, Mrs.Hasanah binti Daud 40, Nurdin bin Daud, 30, all traders.


- Members of the Indonesian military intelligence corps beat up villagers during an opeation at Rambong:  Gravely hurt: Husen ben Juni, 55, Rahman ben Husen 40,  Daud ben Suleiman 42, Ibrahim ben Nurdin 22, Maimun ben M.Ali 25, KS. Alamsyah 18, all farmers.


15 January 2005:


- At Asam Rampak, armed contact between Free Acheh Movement troops TNA/GAM. No casualty reported

- After an armed contact at Matang Seuleumak,  Murus Salam3.5 km from the Banda Acheh - Medan trunk road, the TNI troops shot dead two villagers M. Yakob, 45 fishermen and Desi Ratnasari, female chiled, 6, from Blang Rambong Bandar Alam.


- Rubber tappers are ordered to pay Rp 500/kg. of rubber they tap, by Capt. Arifitri  Herianto, TNI Commander based at Post Blang, Rambong.


0845: Armed contacts at Paya Sungat  West Peureulakmembers of TNA were killed, 3 pcs of weapons captured by TNI. The Achehnese martyrs: Mahyuddin ben M. Yusuf, 24, from Tanjong Tualang, Hamdan ben  M Djamil 27Zulkifli ben Rusli, 22, borth from Panton Rayeuk, Rizal ben Rusli 24, Zulkarnaen ben Abdul Gani, 22, both from  Paya Gajah.





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